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In the United States, about 800 people have marched through the Dallas suburb of McKinney demanding the dismissal of a white police officer. Corporal Eric Casebolt was seen in a video pinning a black teenager girl to the ground and drawing his gun on two boys after a disturbance at a swimming pool. He's been placed on administrative leave following the incident.

Nigerian Defense Chiefs are meeting their counterparts from Cameroon, Chad and Niger in Abuja today for talks on how best to tackle Boko Haram. It's the first of such meetings since President Mohammadu Buhari was elected. A BBC correspondent says that if the offensive against Islamists is to succeed, it's vital that Nigeria and its neighbors work well together.

key point
PinIf someone pins you to something, they press you against a surface so that you cannot move. 按住; 使不能动弹

Draw on:利用;吸收;临近;拉拔对

administrative leave:行政假;行政休假


 今天,尼日尼亚防卫长官正在阿布贾会晤来自喀麦隆、乍得和尼日尔的防务长官们,他们商讨的议题是如何更好地对付博科圣地。这是默罕默德·布哈拉当选总统以来首次召开的此类会议。一名BBC 记者表示,如果针对伊斯兰分子的进攻要继续的话,尼日尼亚与其邻国间的良好合作是非常关键的。

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