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The Islamic State group has created a network of booby-traps, tunnels and barricades in Mosul to defend the Iraqi city against an offensive by government forces. A BBC investigation into life there one year after its capture by IS has found that the group now controls most aspects of life, from dress codes to schools, which residents say have been used to indoctrinate children. Mahmud spoke to the BBC. “I came home one day and saw my little brother drawing their Islamic State's flag and humming one of their chants. I went crazy, I took the drawing and tore it to pieces. We immediately removed him from school, as we'd rather he has no education at all than one such as IS is trying to spread. Ive come to the conclusion that the goal of this organization is to plant the seed of violence, hate and sectarianism into children's minds.”

Key Phrases/Words

1. booby traps 布陷阱,诱杀装置

2. dress code 着装规范


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