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The European Security organization says the two Russians captured by Ukrainian forces have admitted being members of Russia's armed forces. Both men said they were armed, but have no orders to attack. They said they were on a reconnaissance mission.

The President of the Dutch Football Association, Michael Van Praagh, and the Portuguese former football star, Luis Figo, have dropped out of an election for the presidency of the sport's world governing body FIFA. In comments saying, as referring to the incumbent Sepp Blatter who is seeking a fifth term of office, and Figo said the process was designed  to deliver absolute power to one man. We read Figo's statement.

This election process is a plebiscite for the delivery of absolute power to one man. Something I refuse to go along with. I do not fear the ballot box, but I will not go along with, nor will I give my consent to a process which will end on May 29 and from which soccer will not emerge the winner.” And that's the latest BBC World Service News.

Key Phrases/Words

1. reconnaissance n. 勘查,侦察或观测(尤指为军事目的),(执行侦察任务的)巡逻队

2. incumbent adj/n. 义不容辞的,在职的

3. plebiscite n. 公民投票,表决




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