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The United States has, for the first time, admitted that its airstrikes against the Islamic States targets have killed civilians. In a Pentagon briefing, official said that two children were killed during a strike in Syria last year. Our correspondent Carrie Donahue says Washington believes accidents like this are few and far between

"One thing you will find American defense establishment people stressing is theres been more than 4,000 airstrikes in Iraq and Syria, part of this inherent result, operations and they would argue that this is a pretty low strike if you like in terms of civilian casualties. There are other groups, of course, who argued that there would be far higher civilians death and US would be prepared to admit, too."

Key Phrases/Words

1. airstrike 空袭

2. correspondent . 通讯员,记者

3. few and far between稀少, 罕见



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