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BBC News with Julie Candler.

European Union Foreign and Defense Ministers have approved plans to establish a new EU military mission to combat gangs trafficking people into Europe from Libya. It could eventually include operations to destroy smugglers both in Libyan territorial waters, but needs the backing of the UN Security Council. The Libyan ambassador to the United Nations Abraham Diviche said Libyan internationally recognized government had not yet been consulted about the plans. “I think if they need to have any operation on the Libyan soil or on the Libyan territory, they have to seek the confirm of the Libyan legitimate government. Certainly, any resolution by the Security Council has to be agreed upon by the Libyan government. We have never been consulted officially.”

Key Phrases/Words

1. combat v. 与…战斗, 与…斗争

2. trafficking n. 非法交易

3. smuggler n. 走私者,走私船


欧盟的外交与国防部长们已批准成立一个新的欧盟军事小组,以打击从利比亚向欧洲fan mai ren 口的团伙。该任务的最终举措包括摧毁利比亚领海的走 si 船,不过这需要联合国安理会的支持。利比亚驻联合国大使亚伯拉罕·帝维奇表示,国际公认的利比亚政府尚未参与有关计划的讨论。“我认为如果他们需要在利比亚国土或领土上开展任何行动的话,他们必须寻求利比亚合法政府的支持。无疑,安理会的任何决议都需要利比亚政府的认可。我们从未收到正式商讨的请求。”