BBC英语新闻:2015-05-13 法国古巴领导人会晤

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BBC News with Jerry Smit.

The French President Francois Hollande has met Cuba's revolutionary leader Fidel Castro on a visit to Havana. The meeting came shortly after President Hollande called for an end to the US's embargo on Cuba saying it had badly damaged the island's development. Will Grant reports from Havana.

"I hadn't prompted me a man who made history with reportedly President Hollandes reaction to meeting Fidel Castro. It is the first French head of state to visit Cuba in over a century. Francois Hollande has made a little history himself during this visit to Havana. Now, 88 years old, Fidel Castro only receives a very selected handful of dignitaries every year. But given the France never broke the relations with Cuba, even in the height of the Cold War, the French leader was always likely to meet the man who shaped modern Cuba for almost six decades. "

Egypt's Justice Minister has resigned after provoking public outrage by saying that the sons of rubbish collectors could not become judges. Mahfouz Saber said in a television interview the perspective members of judiciary had to come from a respectable background. Mr. Saber prompted further condemnation when he attempted to clarify his remarks by saying the same thing applied to senior jobs in the army and police.

President Obama has spoken to King Salman of Saudi Arabia following his decision to pull out of the US-Gulf Arab summit at Camp David this week. Mr. Obama called the meeting to reassure Gulf Arab allies who are uneasy about his potential nuclear deal with Iran. The White House spokesmen Josh Earnest said King Salmans decision was not a sign of his displeasure with Washingtons offer. "There's been no concern raised by our Saudi partners, either before the change in travel plans or after related to the agenda at Camp David. So I know there have been some speculations that this change in travel plans was an attempt to send message to US. If so, that message is not received because all the feedback that we have received from the Saudis has been positive."

The Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has described his country's financial situation as terribly urgent. Speaking after a meeting at the Euro zone finance ministers in Brussels, he said the crisis could come to ahead in a couple of weeks. Chris Morris reports from Brussels.

"A statement from the Euro group suggested that the talk between Greece and international creditors are a long-last going well. But EU officials say theyre  still considerable distant from reaching any kind of agreement to release further funding. Debated division between creditors who want more economic reforms and radical left-wing government that promised the end of austerity has yet to be bridged. Differences of opinions remain on labor market reform and possible pension cuts in particular." World news from the BBC.

There have been protests in Paraguayan capital Asunción over the rape of a 10-year-old girl who is five-month pregnant, but has been denied an abortion. A group of mothers held up banners outside government buildings demanding longer sentences for rapists. Police have jailed the girl's stepfather who's under investigation for the rape.

Colombia's arm forces have arrested nearly 60 people in, what the Defense Ministry describes as, a major crackdown on an illegal mining in the Amazon rainforest. The Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzon said the raids near the border with Brazil and Venezuela had dismantled an illegal financing network used by Farc rebels. He said the operation had prevented the group from getting hold of around 8 million dollars.

Police in Florida say George Zimmerman, the white man who shot dead of an unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin three years ago, has been involved in another shooting incident. Bianca Gillett is the spokeswoman for the Lake Mary police department. "At this time, investigation has proved that George Zimmerman was not the shooter. He was transported to a local hospital for minor injuries since been released. Lake Mary Police Department is awaiting council in order to interview both parties and at this time we are not determined how or why the incident in out-patient began."

The US National Football League has suspended the New England Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady for four games for his part in controversy involving the use of under inflated balls. The club has been fined one million dollars. An investigation found that Brady and two members of the Patriots' staff were aware of plans to under inflated balls to make them easier for Brady to throw a catch. The Patriots won the 2015 NFL season at the Super bowl. Brady has three days to appeal. BBC news.

Key Phrases/Words

1. revolutionary leader 革命领导人

2. resign v. 辞职,放弃,屈从

3. public outrage 公愤,民愤

4. condemnation n. 谴责,定罪, 谴责(或定罪)的理由,征用

5. reassure v. 使安心,使消除疑虑

6. speculation n. 投机活动,思考,推断

7. long-last 长久的,长期的

8. radical adj. 激进的,彻底的,根本的

9. austerity n. 苦行, 严厉, 简朴,朴素 

10. sentence n. 宣判,刑期

11. rapist n. 强奸犯

12. crackdown n. 压迫,镇压,打击,制裁

13. dismantle v. 拆卸, 拆开,废除

14. shooting incident 枪击案

15. out-patient n. 门诊病人

16. quarterback n. (指挥进攻的)四分卫,枢纽前卫(美式足球)










佛罗里达警方称,乔治齐默尔曼,这位在三年前射杀一名手无寸铁的黑人青少年特雷文马丁的白人警察卷入另外一起枪击案。比安卡吉勒特是玛丽湖警察局的女发言人,她表示,此次调查证明乔治 齐默尔曼并非开枪者。他因轻伤被送入一所当地医院,现已出院。玛丽湖警察局正在等待询问双方当事人的口供,(因此)目前,我们无法判定该案件的起因。