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Police in Florida say George Zimmerman, the white man who shot dead of an unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin three years ago, has been involved in another shooting incident. Bianca Gillett is the spokeswoman for the Lake Mary police department. "At this time, investigation has proved that George Zimmerman was not the shooter. He was transported to a local hospital for minor injuries since been released. Lake Mary Police Department is awaiting council in order to interview both parties and at this time we are not determined how or why the incident in out-patient began."

Key Phrases/Words

1. shooting incident 枪击案

2. out-patient n. 门诊病人

佛罗里达警方称,乔治齐默尔曼,这位在三年前射杀一名手无寸铁的黑人青少年特雷文马丁的白人警察卷入另外一起枪击案。比安卡吉勒特是玛丽湖警察局的女发言人,她表示,此次调查证明乔治 齐默尔曼并非开枪者。他因轻伤被送入一所当地医院,现已出院。玛丽湖警察局正在等待询问双方当事人的口供,(因此)目前,我们无法判定该案件的起因。