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The French President Francois Hollande has met Cuba's revolutionary leader Fidel Castro on a visit to Havana. The meeting came shortly after President Hollande called for an end to the US's embargo on Cuba saying it had badly damaged the island's development. Will Grant reports from Havana.

"I hadn't prompted me a man who made history with reportedly President Hollandes reaction to meeting Fidel Castro. It is the first French head of state to visit Cuba in over a century. Francois Hollande has made a little history himself during this visit to Havana. Now, 88 years old, Fidel Castro only receives a very selected handful of dignitaries every year. But given the France never broke the relations with Cuba, even in the height of the Cold War, the French leader was always likely to meet the man who shaped modern Cuba for almost six decades. "

Key Phrases/Words

1. revolutionary leader 革命领导人