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Amnesty International says migrants in Libya face horrific abuse, driving them to risk their lives to try to reach Europe. A new report based on dozens of interviews documents accounts of abduction and rape. Paul Adams reports. Libya is full of cruelty. That quote from an unnamed Nigerian migrant is the title of Amnesty International's report, and the document makes grim reading with its stories of the abduction, torture and rape of migrants in Libya. It documents systematic exploitation and abuse by employers, some of whom treat migrants as slaves, and in detention centres, where conditions are often appalling. With no legal avenues to escape and seek safety, says Amnesty, migrants are forced to place their lives in the hands of smugglers, who callously extort, abuse and attack them.

Key Phrases/Words

1. abduction n. 绑架,拐骗,劫持

2. exploitation n. 开发,剥削

3. smuggler n. 走私者,走私船

4. callously 无情地,无感觉地,麻木不仁地,无动于衷地

国际特赦组织一份新报告表示,利比亚移民正面临着极度虐待,这迫使他们向欧洲偷渡。报告来自几十份含有绑架和强奸叙述的访谈记录。一名不愿具名的尼日利亚移民者表示,利比亚充满着残忍,而这也正是该报告采用的标题。访谈内容令人震惊, 全面披露了利比亚移民遭受绑架,酷刑和强奸,及被雇主当奴隶剥削等不人道待遇。拘留中心的环境更是令人惊愕。特赦组织表示,移民者由于没有合法途径出逃并寻求安全之地,被迫将生命寄托于偷渡者蛇头手中,而这些蛇头对他们进行了残酷无情的敲诈、虐待和攻击。