BBC英语新闻:德克萨斯州画展遭袭 枪手被当场击毙

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One of two gunmen shot dead as they attacked a contest to draw cartoons of the Prophet Muhammed in Texas has been identified as a previous terrorism suspect. Quoting law-enforcement officials, US newspaper said Elton Simpson was suspected to trying to fly overseas to wage holy war. They said he shared an apartment in Arizona with the other gunmen identified as Nadir Soofi. Police would only say they were confident that they knew who the attackers were. Joe Harn is a spokesman for the local police department."We are not releasing any names. At some point there will be but we are not releasing any names at this step. This is not going to a real fast investigation. We've got our suspects, we continue to monitor social media and gather other detail to make sure they were not getting any threats."

Key Phrases/Words

1. wage v. 实行,进行,作(战等)

2. monitor v. 监督,监控,监听,搜集


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