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BBC news with Marion Marshall.

A BBC reporter has reached a remote Himalayan village in Nepal that was almost completely destroyed by last month's earthquake. Nantan village was engulfed by a landslide and avalanche. More than 300 people are thought to have been killed, about half of them foreign tourists. Rescuers say it could be weeks before all the bodies are recovered. Justin Roland visited the village by helicopter with Gergus from the British army."Nantan village was one of the most popular trekking destinations in Nepal and home to 435 people. But there is virtually nothing left. The earthquake caused a massive avalanche and a landslide. It's hard to believe, but 55 hotels and guesthouses and the villagers' homes are gone under this great town of ice and rock."

Key Phrases/Words

1. engulfed v. 吞没, 吞食, 包住, 狼吞虎咽

2. avalanche v/n. 雪崩