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Up close and edible:Green tea 
Green tea is one of the most popular beverages to hit the U.S. market in the last decade. Unlike black tea or oolong, green tea is made from unfermented tea leaves. Because it does not go through a fermentation process, research suggests that it contains the highest concentration of polyphenols, antioxidants that rid of the body of free radicals. Some preliminary research shows that green teas polyphenols, particularly ECGC, stop the free-radical damage that may lead to cancer and heart disease.
But even though green tea gets a lot of props for its reputation as a healing brew, most of the studies on its effects have been done in the laboratory or in animals. The bulk of human studies have been population-based, those that follow large groups of people over a specified period of time. The results of those studies have been inconsistent. Because of that data, the Food and Drug Administration says there is no scientific evidence that drinking green tea reduces heart disease, and the agency rejected a petition last year that sought to allow the claim on tea labels. The FDA previously said that green tea probably does not reduce the risk of breast, prostate or any other type of cancer. “Green tea has a lot of wonderful active compounds that may play a role in fighting cancer and heart disease and even protecting the lining of the arteries,” says Dave Grotto, spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. “But there needs to be a lot more research.”
Despite many claims to the contrary, it probably doesnt help with weight loss, either. Some studies suggest that green teas polyphenols may boost metabolism and help burn fat. Unfortunately, “theres nothing magic about green tea,” says Dr. Frank Greenway, head of the outpatient clinic at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, La., who studies herbal supplements and obesity. “Ill be surprised if it is shown to have any profound effect on weight loss.”
Dont throw out your green tea just because the studies have been less than impressive. “Herbs always play catch-up when it comes to research,” says Greenway. “Green tea wont hurt you.” And maybe it will do some good. Some studies show that some green-tea drinkers may actually get more health benefits than others. Try it freshly brewed, which provides more antioxidants than bottled green-tea drinks.
绿茶是近十年来冲击美国市场的最流行的饮料之一。和红茶与乌龙茶不一样的是,绿茶是由没有发酵过的茶叶制成的。因为它没有经过发酵处理,研究表明它富含茶多酚以及去除人体自由肌的抗氧化剂。某些初步研究表明,绿茶的茶多酚,尤其是ECGC可以防治可能导致癌症和心脏病的自由肌对于人体的损坏, 虽然绿茶有很多好处使它享有保健品的美誉,但是,对于它的影响的实验仍然在实验室或者动物身上大量进行着。以人为实验对象这一块,是以特定时期的特定人群为基础的,但是,实验的结果却是不一致的。因此,根据这一数据,食品和药品管理局表示称喝绿茶可以减少心脏病是没有科学根据的,并且拒绝了去年要求把这一说法写在茶叶包装上的申请。FDA在这之前就提出过,绿茶很有可能不会降低乳腺、前列腺或者任何其他癌症的风险。美国食品卫生联合会的发言人Dave Grotto表示:“绿茶里含有很多大量的非常棒的人体所需的化合物,这些化合物可能对预防癌症及心脏病起到一定的作用甚至会保护我们的动脉内壁。当然,这些结论都还需要更多的研究来给予证明。” #p#副标题#e#
绿茶似乎也并不能帮助减肥,虽然,也有很多说法与之相反。有一些研究表示,绿茶的茶多酚可能会加快新陈代谢以帮助燃烧脂肪。但是,非常不幸的是,美国路易斯安那州巴吞鲁日Pennington生物医学研究中心,研究草药补给与肥胖的临床门诊部主任Frank Greenway博士说:“绿茶没有任何神奇之处。如果它对减肥有任何实质性的影响的话,我将会感到惊讶不已。”
radical  a.①基本的,根本的;②激进的,极端的
[真题例句] 58. Which of the following statements is NOT mentioned in the passage?[1998年阅读2]
[A] Radical (①) reforms are essential for the increase of productivity.
[例句精译] 58?下面哪项说法本文没有提到?
[真题例句] The publisher of radical (②) books who takes his meals in three?star restaurants.[2000年阅读5]
[例句精译] 激进的出版商到三星级宾馆就餐。
preliminary[priˈliminəri] a.预备的,初步的
[真题例句] In a significant (32:tightening) of legal controls over the press, Lord Irvine, the Lord Chancellor, will introduce a (33:draft) bill that will propose making payments to witnesses (34:illegal) and will strictly control the amount of (35:publicity) that can be given to a case (36:before) a trial begins.[2001年完形]
(33) [A] sketch[B] rough
[C] preliminary[D] draft

[例句精译] 为了更有效地对新闻界实施合法监控,大法官Irvine勋爵将引入一项草拟的法案。该法案将提出,付款给证人是非法的;在审判开始前,对案件的曝光度要严格控制。
(33)[A] 略图,草图 [B] 粗略的,大致的[C] 预备的,初步的[D] 草稿,草案,草图
[真题例句] But many shippers complain that for heavy bulk (①) commodities traveling long distances, such as coal, chemicals, and grain, trucking is too costly and the railroads therefore have them by the throat.[2003年阅读3]
[例句精译] 但许多客户却抱怨说,对于依赖长途运输的大宗商品来说,如煤炭、化学制品和粮食,由于公路运输花费太大,这样铁路公司就会主宰他们。 #p#副标题#e#
[真题例句] But they insisted that its (43:immediate) results during the period from 1750 to 1850 were widespread poverty and misery for the (44:bulk) (②) of the English population.[1998年完形]
[例句精译] 但他们却坚持认为它所造成的直接后果是给大多数英国民众带来了普遍的贫困和不幸。
petition n.请愿书,申请书,诉状;v.(向……)请愿,正式请求
obesity  n.肥胖, 肥大
brew[bru:]  v.酿造, 酝酿