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Online booksellers face higher   
costs for shipping abroad  
THE Postal Service is taking theshipout of shipping, and thousands of small online booksellers are bracing for trouble.  
The post office said last month that as of mid-May, it would no longer transport goods internationally via cargo ships for individual customers. These so-called surface deliveries have been the crucial method by which booksellers have sold books to foreign markets because the cost is about one-third that of air mail.  
Analysts said Amazon.com would not be affected by the change; international book shipments represent a small fraction of its business, and because, like other high-volume businesses, it can qualify for discounts on foreign shipments.  
But many thousands of smaller used-and rare-book merchants say they will suffer, since they rely on foreign demand.  

If postage costs as much, if not more, than the book, itll be hard to sell books,” said Rob Stuart, owner of FrenchboroBooks.com, a seller of rare and antique books in Frenchboro, Maine.“And maybe 25 percent or more of my books sell internationally.”  
In announcing the changes last month, the post office said demand for international air-mail delivery was increasing at the expense of sea-borne services, which account for just 2.7 percent of foreign deliveries.“As a result, efficient international surface delivery networks have diminished and costs have dramatically increased,” the Postal Service said.   

Mr. Stuart called the changesa brutal realitythat put him in a difficult position, since his entire town may feel the effects. His company has shipped enough rare and antique books to sustain mail deliveries for the 75 residents of Frenchboro, an island about eight miles off Maines northeast coast. Now Mr. Stuart, who is also a town selectman, said the islands mail deliveries could be threatened, and he may also be forced to lay off a part-time worker.  
Yvonne Yoerger, a spokeswoman for the Postal Service, said customers arent yet aware of other options. She saidcustomized agreementsfor surface mail are being developed for higher-volume shippers that will be enhanced over the next several months to address the needs of small businesses. “The Postal Service has a longstanding commitment to small businesses and is working to accommodate customers needs as the international mail changes take effect,” Ms. Yoerger said.  
Philip Bevis, chief executive of Arundel Books, which sells online and in its Seattle store, said he did not believe such customized agreements would extend to small booksellers like him.  
I think the Postal Service dangled that to defuse any pushback,” Mr. Bevis said. “If they were really serious about this, they wouldve pushed back the cancellation of surface mail until they could incorporate these other standards.” Because small booksellers typically list their inventories with multiple Web sites, like Amazon, AbeBooks.com and Alibris.com, the new shipping costs will be felt, to varying degrees, up the industrys food chain until those customized agreements are final.

上月邮电业宣称,从五月中旬开始,将不再为个人客户办理货船国际商品运送业务。这些所谓的水面运送方式,一直是书商们将书卖往海外市场的主要方法,因为它的花费只有航空邮件的三分之一。 #p#副标题#e#
罗勃·斯特,是FrenchboroBooks.com 公司的老板,在缅甸的Frenchboro, Maine 卖珍本和古籍,他说:“如果书的邮费比书本身的价格高,或者即使两者一样多,就很难把书卖出去了,而且我有25%或更多的书是卖往全球的。”
邮电业发言人,Yvonne Yoerger说,顾客们还没有意识到其他的选择。她说,对于水运“约定俗成的共识”正在制定中,它们将更有利于那些拥有大笔业务的发货人,从而满足小公司的要求。她还说:“邮政业将长期致力于为小公司服务,并且当全球邮政业务发生变化时将努力满足顾客们的要求。”
非利普·布瑞斯是Arundel Books的行政长官,这家电子商务公司在网上和西雅图的书店里出售图书。他说他不相信这些“约定俗成的共识”会扩展到像他一样的小书商那里。
transport v.运输,运送,搬运;n.①运输,运送;②运输系统,运载工具
[真题例句] It was during the same time that the communications revolution (25:speeded) up, beginning with transport (n.②), the railway, and leading (26:on) through the telegraph, the telephone, radio, and motion pictures (27:into) the 20th century world of the motor car and the air plane.[2002年完形]
[例句精译] 与此同时,通讯革命加速发展,从铁路运输开始,发展到电报、电话、无线电和电影,直到20世纪的汽车和飞机。
via  prep.经,通过 #p#副标题#e#

[真题例句] He sent it on via the group?s on?line service, Death NET.[1997年阅读1]
[例句精译] 他通过协会的在线服务“死亡之网”将其转发了出去。
crucial a.至关重要的,决定性的
[真题例句] The panel has not yet reached agreement on a crucial question, however, whether to recommend legislation that would make it a crime for private funding to be used for human cloning.[1999年阅读4]
[例句精译] 然而,该小组尚未在一个关键问题上达成一致,即是否建议立法机关将私人资金用于克隆人的行为视为犯罪。
qualify  v.①(使)具有资格,证明合格;②限制,限定;③修饰
[真题例句] We must pour out a large stream of essential words, unhampered by stops, or qualifying (③) adjectives, or finite verbs.[2000年阅读3]
[例句精译] 我们必须大量使用基本词汇,摆脱句号、修饰性形容词及限定动词的限制。
rely  v.①(on)依赖,依靠;②信赖,信任
[真题例句] “I would not rely (①) on agents for finding everything that is added to a database that might interest me,” says the author of a job?searching

[例句精译] 一位职业搜索指南的作者说:“我不会依赖代理在数据库增加的每一项内容里去逐一寻找可能令我感兴趣的东西。”
diminish  v.缩小,减少,递减
[真题例句] Again, differences between people and the opportunity for natural selection to take advantage of it have diminished.[2000年阅读2]
[例句精译] 人与人之间的差异和利用差异进行自然选择的机会再一次减少。
sustain  v.①支撑,撑住;②维持,持续,经受,忍耐

[真题例句] Some scholars conclude that a government with finite resources should simply stop paying for medical care that sustains (②) life beyond a certain agesay 83 or so.[2003年阅读4] 
[例句精译] 有些学者总结说,如果政府资金有限,它应该停止支付延缓某一个年龄以上人群寿命的医疗费用——比如83岁左右。