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The British authorities have arrested a financial trader Navinder Singh Sarao on 4 charges at the request of the United States. The U.S. Justice Department wants him extradited of allegations he manipulated the U.S. stock markets in May, 2010, causing an event known as the flash crash. Here's our economics correspondent, Andrew Walker."The U.S. Department of Justice accuses Mr. Sarao of manipulation by placing large orders to sell financial futures related to the U.S. stock market. Although the orders would generally not be carried out, they did still affect market prices, the Department argues, and they contributed to the flash crash of May, 2010, when the Dow Jones Index fell by 600 points within 5 minutes. Another U.S. agency, a financial regulator, says that Mr. Sarao and his company made profits of forty million dollars over a period of 5 years by using this strategy." World news from the BBC.

Key Phrases/Words

1. financial trader 金融交易员,操盘手

2. extradited v. 引渡( extradite的过去式和过去分词