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The Army in South Africa has begun deploying in areas hit by waves of violence against immigrants from elsewhere in Africa. Soldiers are patrolling parts of the provinces of KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng, including the volatile township in Johannesburg where a Mozambican man was killed and a couple from Zimbabwe survived a knife attack. Karen Allen has more."The deployment of the soldiers to troubled spots was a strategy adopted in 2008, when scores of migrants were killed and thousands took to the borders in a wave of targeted attacks. Although the South African government's been quick to deploy the police and now the military, critics say it's failed to learn the economic lessons of the past. And poor leadership and persisted unemployment are fanning the flames of anti-foreigner sentiment."

Key Phrases/Words

1. deploy v. (尤指军事行动)使展开,施展,有效地利用

2. volatile adj. 易变的,不稳定的