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Police in Brazil say 8 men have been killed in a shooting at a football fan club in Sao Paulo. The supporters of Corinthians were preparing banners ahead of a match when gunmen burst in. They ordered 7 fans to lie down before shooting them. The eighth was hit as he tried to flee. Police say the killings were likely to be drug-related. Our America's editor, Candace Piette, says there are growing concerns about the level of violence connected to football in Brazil."Football is now becoming something which is too dangerous for ordinary Brazilian families to go to. Of the fear that they are very concerned about that, partly because the games are held very late at night, so people don't want to take their children or their wives there, but also because of the levels of violence as you've seen in and off the pitch." World news from the BBC.

Key Phrases/Words

1. burst in v. 闯入,打断,突然出现

2. flee v. 逃走,逃掉