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The US Federal Reserve has signaled its now prepared to raise interest rates. Following a two-day meeting the central banks policy setting committee ended. Its pledged to be patient before reversing the monetary policy. Its pursued since financial crisis of 2008, but the Chairperson of Federal reserve Janet Yellen said the rise may not be immediate. “Todays modification of our guidance should not be interpreted to mean that weve decided on the timing of their increase. In other words, just because we removed the word patient from the statement doesnt mean were going to be impatient. Our policy is likely to remain highly accommodative to support continued progress toward our objectives of maximum employment and 2% inflation.”

Key Phrases/Words

1. interest rate n. 利率

2. monetary policy 货币政策

3. accommodative adj. 乐于助人的,随和的,善于适应新环境的