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BBC news with Jonathan Izard.

Twenty tourists were among the victims of an attack by gunman on one of Tunisia's most prestigious museums. The assailant shot dead visitors from South Africa, Poland, Italy and Spain as they were getting off a bus outside the Bardo Museum in the capital Tunis which stands next to the country's parliament. At least 22 people died in the attack and more than 40 others were wounded. Two hours later Tunisian security forces shot the gunman dead. Adnan Cotour reports from Tunis.

"The last group of tourists were taken away on a bus a while ago, wailing at bystanders and security forces and many Tunisians here are reluctant to leave. " I'm sad and shocked ", one of them told me. The attacker has managed to strike both at political as well at the economic heart of the country. The site of the attack the Bardo museum is a Tunis Watte Louvre as to Paris. It's in walking distance to parliament where terrified politicians were locked down when the attack began. This is the first attack on civilians in more than decades. And as an act of defiant and solidarity with victims, politicians have been gathering here this evening."

Key Phrases/Words

1. prestigious adj. 受尊敬的,有声望的

2. assailant n/adj. 攻击者

3. bystander n. 旁观者,局外人,看热闹的人

4.defiant adj. 挑衅的,蔑视的,大胆的,目中无人的