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A Chechen mother who was living in the Netherlands has taken her two young children to join Islamic State militants in Syria against the will of their Dutch father who has legal custody. The father warned police of the womans possible departure after being alerted by the childrens Islamic school in October last year. But the mother had printed plan to get herself and children, Anan Holigon reports from Hague. “The mother and her children, a boy aged 8 and a 7-year old girl are understood to have taken flights from Belgium to Athens, possibly using fake passports. Prosecutors are treating it as a case of kidnapping and issued an international detention request. However, it may be too late, there are reports that the 32 year old refugee phoned her mother in January, telling her that she was in the Islamic State strong hold of Raqqah.”

Key Phrase/Words

1. legal custody 合法监护权

2. departure n. 离开,离去,起程

3. refugee n. 避难者,难民


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