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A millionaire from one of Americas wealthiest families is facing a murder charge in Los Angeles after making comments to himself apparently admitting his guilt which was recorded by television documentary makers. Nick Bryant in New York has the story. “Robert Durst, the elder son of one of New Yorks richest families, seems led a bizarre controversy filled life which has been chronicled not only in the HBO documentary series, but also in a lively fictionalized Hollywood film All Good Thing starring Ryan Gosling. Mystery has long surrounded the young self-disappearance of his first wife Kathleen from their New York country house in 1982. His spokeswoman in France Susan Berman was killed at home in Beverly Hill in 2000 by a bullet in the back of her neck. Then when he moved to Texas after her death, he was acquitted of murdering of his neighbor, but Durst admitted shooting him self-defense and then dismembering the body.”

Key Phrases/Words

1. bizarre adj. 离奇的,奇特的(指态度,容貌,款式等),奇怪的

2. controversy n. 公开辩论,论战,争议

3. chronicled n. 编年史( chronicle的名词复数)

4. dismembering v. 分割…的肢体,肢解