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BBC news with Justin Green.

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu has said no Palestinian state would be established as long as he remains in power in remarks made on the eve of general election. His comments were seen as an attempt to boost hardline support for his Likud party with the latest opinion polls suggesting that many voters remain undecided. Kevin Connolly reports. “As sitting Prime Minister, it was Benjamin Netanyahus decision to call these elections. But he seems to have anticipated a straight forward reshuffling of Israels pack of center-right nationals parties to produce a more manageable coalition, the race has proved much tight than expected. And the final opinion poll shows his Likud party trailing to an opposition central-left allies. There are still enough like-minded parties in the next parliament to allow Mr. Netanyahu to form another coalition .But it is far from certain.”

Key Phrases/Words

1. hardline n. 强硬路线 adj. 强硬的,不妥协的

2. reshuffling vi. 改组,重新洗牌,重作安排

3. coalition n. 结合体,联合,同盟

4. like-minded  adj. 具有相似意向或目的的,志趣相投的