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Cuba has re-established direct telephone links with the United States for the first time in 15 years. It is the first agreement signed between Cuban and American companies since the announcement last December that both states will renew diplomatic ties after more than 50 years of hostility. Will Grant reports from Havana.

"A key part of the decision by the Obama administration to restore diplomatic ties with Cuba was to help boost telecommunications on the island. In the long term it is hopped in Washington that would mean greater internet access. But for now it has at least brought a direct telephone connection between the two countries. Previously calls were rated by a third countries driving out of the cost of a call to the US from Cuba and making it prohibitively expensive for ordinary Cubans."

Key Phrases/Words

1. re-establish v. 重建,重新建立,恢复

2. hostility n. 敌意,敌对状态

3. prohibitively expensive 价格高昂(使人却步)