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A British military healthcare worker has tested positive for Ebola while working in Sierra Leone. It is believed the patient is a woman and her condition is being assessed before any decision is made about flying her back to Britain for treatment.

World News from the BBC.

A leading conservative opponent of the Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos has questioned the decision to suspend for one month aerial bombing attacks on Farc guerrillas. The move is intended to help peace talks underway in Havana, but the Colombian Procurator General Alhandor Dones said it would paralyze the arm forces while Farc continued to attack civilians.

Key Phrases/Words

1. healthcare 卫生保健,医疗

2. conservative adj. 保守的,(英国)保守党的

3. suspend v. 暂停,延缓

4. paralyze v. 使瘫痪,使麻痹