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The former US Secretary of State and likely presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, has admitted that she should have used the government email address to conduct official business during her time in office. Mrs. Clinton has come under fire from Republican members of Congress for using her personal email account instead. Mrs. Clinton told in news conference she'd used her own phone and email account for the sake of convenience.

Kim Ghattas reports from New York. “Hillary Clinton admitted that in hindsight she had made a mistake opting to use just one email account, her private email address. But she was adamant. She had not broken any rules or laws, had not shared any classified information by email, and insisted she was now opening up her email correspondence to an unprecedented level of scrutiny. Her critics, especially Republicans, are unlikely to be satisfied with her explanation. But so far, this has not affected the approval ratings of a woman who could still run for president of the United States.”

Key Phrases/Words

1. conduct v.  引导,带领,控制

2. under fire 在炮火攻击下,受到攻击

3. for the sake of convenience 为了方便起见

4. hindsight n. 后见之明

5. adamant adj. 坚硬无比的,牢不可破的 ,坚决的

6. scrutiny n. 仔细的观察,监督