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Western leaders have called for a strong reaction from the international community if there is a major breach of the ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine. The truce agreed a Minsks quieten down the fighting, but Ukraine has warned that the Russia backed rebels are using the law to build up their forces from the attacks in the city of Mariupol’.

The only Soviet labor camp fully preserved from the Stalin era has ceased to exist as a museum dedicated to political prisoners. The former head of the PM 36 in Russia's Ural Mountains told the BBC that local officials were taking over the memorial complex. They have changed the exhibition removing references to Stalin and political persecutions. He said the museum would now lose its significance. BBC news.

community n. 社区;[生态] 群落;共同体;团体

dedicate vt. 致力;献身;题献

reference n. 参考,参照;涉及,提及;参考书目;介绍信;证明书vt. 引用vi. 引用

exhibition n. 展览,显示;展览会;展览品



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