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Here's our business editor Kamal Ahmed.

In terms of a division between Sky and BT for live football on television, the announcement today was not much of a surprise. In terms of the money paid though, it is a shock. The high cost reveals how important live football has become for paid television. Football fans will be concerned that the high price paid will mean higher costs to watch football. The Premier League will be celebrating. More cash from the broadcasters means more cash for Premier League football clubs and the stars they pay to employ.

A camera that's not been seen in public since it was used in space to record the first moon landing has gone on display at a museum in the United States after it was discovered by Neil Armstrong's widow. The camera from the Apollo 11 mission was found as she cleared a cupboard at her home in Ohio. BBC News

announcement n. 公告;宣告;发表;通告

broadcaster n. 广播公司;广播员;播送设备;撒播物

premier n. 总理,首相 adj. 第一的;最初的




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