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A White House spokesman has said that the United States is not coordinating its military strikes in Syria with the government of President Bashar al-Assad. He was reacting to comments made by the Syrian leader in a BBC interview. More from Barbara Plett Usher in Washington.

Officials from the White House, State Department and National Security Council all denied the US was coordinating any aspect of its air campaign with the Syrian government. They said Washington had simply informed Syria's UN ambassador when the strikes against Islamic State militants were about to begin in September and warned Damascus to stay out of the way. Mr Assad also said there was no direct cooperation, but he told the BBC he was getting general information about the campaign through third parties including Iraq. The State Department spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki played down the significance of such a bad channel, saying she wasn't surprised that Iraq had relations with its neighbours.

cooperation n. 合作,协作;[劳经] 协力

ambassador n. 大使;代表;使节



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