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BBC News with Julie Candler

In his first big speech before parliament the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has said he will raise the minimum wage and rehire public servants who were sacked as part of the previous government's austerity measures. Damian Grammaticas reports.

Alexis Tsipras told parliament he will rehire thousands of sacked public-sector workers and reopen the state broadcaster which was closed to save money. He said Greece wanted to pay its massive debts but under a new deal. Germany is Greece's biggest creditor. The nations who have given massive loans to Athens insist it must stick to reforms. And they weren't to be pleased either by Greece's new Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis. In an interview with Italy's Rai television he described the euro as fragile and said the single currency was like a castle of cards, adding if you take out the Greek card the others will collapse.

The leaders of Ukraine, Germany, France and Russia are planning to hold further talks on Wednesday to try to find a diplomatic solution to the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Emily Buchanan reports.

The proposal appeals to be broadly a resurrection of the previous Minsk deal reached last September. It would likely involve an immediate ceasefire and a creation of a demilitarised zone to keep the warring sides apart. The problem is Russian-back rebels have advanced since last September, and their new troop positions would mean Ukraine losing control of yet more territory. Even if a deal is agreed many wonder if the rebels on the ground will stop fighting.

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has said he firmly supports the negotiations with western powers aimed at securing a compromise on Iran's nuclear programme. The comments came as the Iranian foreign minister met the US Secretary of State John Kerry in Munich. Jonathan Marcus reports.

The signals are increasingly positive that a deal on Iran's nuclear programme maybe in sight. Mr Zaref said afterwards "we're reaching the point where it is quite possible to make an agreement and I do not believe anything will be different a year down the road." There's a reference to the possibility of extending the current interim agreement beyond the end of June. But the most significant comment probably came from Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who's reported to say he would go along with a deal that is in the making. The hope is for progress on the central issue - the scope of Iran's enrichment activity - and if the movement can be achieved here, then it could be the key to resolving other area's disagreement.

Egyptian state television says at least 14 supporters of the Zamelek football club have been killed and many others injured in clashes with police outside a stadium in Cairo. Other reports say the casualties are much higher. Fighting broke out before a premier league match against the ENPPI team. Police used tear gas to disperse the Zamelek supporters.

World News from the BBC

Jordan says it's carried out 56 air strikes in three days against Islamic State militants in Syria. The head of the Jordanian air force General Mansour al-Jbour said the attacks had degraded nearly 20% of the group's fighting capabilities. Jordan intensified its air campaign in revenge for the killing of a captured pilot whom IS burned alive.

United Nations envoy to Yemen has said all the political parties there have agreed to resume talks on the future of the country. Jamal Benomar said the negotiations will include the representatives from Shia Houthi militia, which recently took over the government. President Hadi resigned last month after Houthi rebels tightened their military control on the capital Sanaa. The Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon said the Houthis had created a government vacuum.

"The situation is very, very seriously deteriorating with the Houthis taking power and making this government vacuum in power. There must be restoration of legitimacy of President Hadi."

A researcher in England has discovered a forgotten copy of the Magna Charta, the political charter that established the principle of the rule of law eight centuries ago. Agreed by King John in 1215 the Magna Charta set limits on the power of the English monarchy and inspired the American Declaration of Independence centuries later. Only 24 copies are known to exist.












联合国派也门特使表示,也门所有的政党同意恢复关于国家未来的谈话。贾马尔 贝诺马尔表示,近期接管政府的什叶派胡塞武装代表也会参加此次协商会议。自上月反叛军胡赛加强了对首都萨那的军事控制后,总统哈德引咎辞职。联合国秘书长潘基文表示,侯赛因建立的只是一个真空政府。