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BBC News with Sue Montgomery

President Obama has confirmed the death of an American aid worker who was held hostage by Islamic State militants in Syria for 18 months. He said the killers of Kayla Mueller would be brought to justice. Gary O'Donoghue reports from Washington.

Islamic State had already said that Kayla Mueller was killed in an Jordanian air strike last Friday, but the White House spokesman Josh Earnest said it was not possible to be specific about how and when she died. In reference to the claims from IS he said the United States did not believe there were any civilians in the area in which the air strikes had taken place. What's become clear is that over the weekend Kayla Mueller's family received information from IS, which the intelligence services here analysed and which allowed them to conclude that she was dead.

reference n. 参考,参照;涉及,提及;参考书目;介绍信;证明书 vt. 引用 vi. 引用

intelligence n. 智力;情报工作;情报机关;理解力




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