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The South African author Andre Brink, who was a prominent critic of apartheid, has died aged 79. Andre Brink was a white South African who wrote in Afrikaans and English. Some of his novels were burned for challenging the apartheid system. In his later work he was deeply critical of the African National Congress after South Africa became a democracy. His most famous books include A Dry White Season and Looking On Darkness. BBC News

prominent adj. 突出的,显著的;杰出的;卓越的

democracy n. 民主,民主主义;民主政治

南非著名种族隔离制批评家,作家安德烈·布林克逝世,享年79岁。布林克是一位用南非荷兰语和英语写作的南非作家。他的一些小说曾因批判种族隔离制而被烧毁。在他晚年的作品中,布林克深刻批评了南非成为民主国家后的非洲人国民大会。他的著名作品有《血染的季节》(A Dry White Season)和《凝望黑暗》(Looking on Darkness)。BBC新闻

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