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The United Arab Emirates says it is sending a squad of F-16 aircraft to Jordan to support the kingdom's forces in an intense programme of air strikes against Islamic State militants as part of the US-led coalition. From Dubai here's Mark Lobel.

Pressure has been mounting on the UAE to respond to claims made by American officials that safety concerns had led to it pulling out of coalition air strikes against the Islamic States two months ago. The alleged pullout was said to have taken place after Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh was captured in Syria in December after his jet crashed during a bombing mission. The recent confirmation of the Jordanian flight lieutenant's death burnt alive in a cage by his captors has, however, prompted Jordan and its allies to intensify its efforts. The announcement is intended to dispel rumours of a split in moderate Sunni Arab support for air strikes on those parts of Syria and Iraq now under the control of the Sunni extremists IS.

World News from the BBC

mounting n. 装备,装配;上马;衬托纸 adj. 逐渐增加的 v. 增加(mounting形式);爬上

intensify vt. 使加强,使强化;使变激烈 vi. 增强,强化;变激烈

confirmation n. 确认;证实;证明;批准




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