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BBC news with Julie Candler.

Suspected Boko Harram militants from Nigeria have kidnapped dozens of people, many of them children in Cameroon. The country's information minister said militants attacked in the early hours of Sunday in the far north of Cameroon. From Lagos, here is Will Ross. “Security sources say the Boko Harram fighters attacked the village of Mada in Mokolo district close to the Nigerian boarder. It's not known how many people were killed, or exactly how many were taken away by the jihadists, who also set fire to more than 20 homes. In recent years, almost all of the Boko Harram's attacks have been inside Nigeria. But now, villages, towns and barracks in Cameroon, are also been targeted. Neighbouring Chad has just sent soldiers to help Cameroon in the fight against the jihadists.”

The Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah says 5 of its fighters, including a senior commander, have been killed in an Israeli air strike in the Syrian sector of the Golan Heights. The incident took place days after the Hezbollah leader Hassam Narsrallah warned that his forces might retaliate against, what he called, repeated Israeli strikes inside Syria. Paul Wood reports from Beirut. “Not only was a senior Hezbollah commander killed in the Israeli strike, but also were told a commander of Iranian Revolutionary Guard to compound the blow, the Hazbollah dead also included Jihad Mughniyeh, the son of the late Hezbollah military chief Imad Mughniyeh. It's not clear if this strike was another targeted killing as Israel calls them.

Instead Israeli security sources quoted the saying that one of its helicopters on the board with Syria fired missile into a car conducting reconnaissance for a Hezbollah attack.”

The United States secret service says shots have been fired near the home of vice president Joe Biden in Delaware. Secret service personnel stationed at the house heard the shots on Saturday evening and saw a vehicle drive passed at a high speed. Mr. Biden and his wife were out when the incident happened.

The Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko has vowed to retake control of east regions of the country from pro-Russian rebelsHe was speaking at a rally in the capital Kiev as the battle intensified around Donetsk airport in the east. “We will not give up any piece of Ukrainian Land, we will ensure the return of Donbas, and we will show that one more highly important factor of our victory is our unity. Now Ukraine is united as never before, and our unity is one more guarantee of victory.” After days of heavy fighting at claims from the rebels they control the airport, the army said itd retaken most of the ground. The two sides have been exchanging heavy artillery fire around Donetsk. Russia called for an immediate cease fire accusing Ukrainian forces of renewing their shelling of the area.” World news from the BBC.

The Belgian authorities have announced they would seek the extradition one of people arrested in Greece on Saturday over a possible link with the foiled Islamic attack. Earlier Belgian officials have denied any link between the group 6 people arrested in Greece and the Jihadi cell uncovered last Thursday. But a statement of the Belgian prosecutors office said that after further analysis there were enough reasons to request the extradition.

Palestinian protestors have thrown eggs at the Canadian foreign minister John Baired as he was visiting the west bank city of Ramallah. Mr. Baired was not hit though some eggs struck his motorcadeCanada has opposed the Palestinians recent move to join the International Criminal Court. Mr. Baired said Canada would not apologize for its support for Israel. “We take a strong position supporting all the liberal democratic state in the region. We take the view that progress is best made through negotiation, not to unilaterally act on the other side. We are proud of that position. We believe it's the best one and don't apologize for.” Mr. Baired was in Ramallah to meet his Palestinian counterpart during a 5-day trip to the region.

Authorities in the central Africa Republic say a leader of the Christian anti-Balaka militia has been arrested in connection with murders, rapes and looting during the countries sectarian violence between Christians and Muslims. The country's prosecutor Rodrigue Ngaibona, known as Andilo, has been detained on Saturday by Cameroonian peace keepers after several months on the run.

On the second day of the Africa Cup of Nationsfootball tournament, former winner Zambia has drawn 1-1 with Democratic Republic of Congo. Tunisia and Cape Verde also drew 1-1. All 4 teams in group B now have one point each. The host Equatorial Guinea has been criticized for poor preparation and had only 2 months to get ready after Morocco pulled out because of fears about Ebola. BBC news.