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The leader of Spain's left-wing party Podemos has addressed tens of thousands of supporters at a rally in central Madrid. Pablo Iglesias praised the ally Greek party Syriza, which won power on a promise to end economic austerity. Mr Iglesias declared that the wind of change was starting to blow through Europe.

"Today we have the dream of a better country, but we haven't filled the square to keeping dreaming. We're here to make our dreams come true in 2015. Dreams have to be pushed, and this year we're going to fight to make the political change arrive. This year we're starting on something new. This is the year of change. And this year we're going to beat the Partido Popular in the elections."

The march was the biggest show of public support so far for a movement that is less than a year old. Podemos leads some opinion polls ahead of an election due this year.

economic adj. 经济的,经济上的;经济学的

austerity n. 紧缩;朴素;苦行;严厉

西班牙左翼政党”我们能”的领袖在马德里市中心的集会上向成千上万支持者发表讲话,Pablo Iglesias赞扬了希腊左翼联盟党,该党承诺结束经济紧缩政策并赢得大权。Iglesias宣布变革之风将吹遍整个欧洲。



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