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Palestinian protestors have thrown eggs at the Canadian foreign minister John Baired as he was visiting the west bank city of Ramallah. Mr. Baired was not hit though some eggs struck his motorcadeCanada has opposed the Palestinians recent move to join the International Criminal Court. Mr. Baired said Canada would not apologize for its support for Israel. “We take a strong position supporting all the liberal democratic state in the region. We take the view that progress is best made through negotiation, not to unilaterally act on the other side. We are proud of that position. We believe it's the best one and don't apologize for.” Mr. Baired was in Ramallah to meet his Palestinian counterpart during a 5-day trip to the region.

motorcade n. 汽车行列,车队

negotiation n. 谈判;转让;顺利的通过

unilaterally adv. 单方面地


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