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BBC news with Julie Candler.

Suspected Boko Harram militants from Nigeria have kidnapped dozens of people, many of them children in Cameroon. The country's information minister said militants attacked in the early hours of Sunday in the far north of Cameroon. From Lagos, here is Will Ross. “Security sources say the Boko Harram fighters attacked the village of Mada in Mokolo district close to the Nigerian boarder. It's not known how many people were killed, or exactly how many were taken away by the jihadists, who also set fire to more than 20 homes. In recent years, almost all of the Boko Harram's attacks have been inside Nigeria. But now, villages, towns and barracks in Cameroon, are also been targeted. Neighbouring Chad has just sent soldiers to help Cameroon in the fight against the jihadists.”

boarder n. 寄膳者;寄膳宿者;寄宿生

Cameroon n. 喀麦隆(西非国名)


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