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The wife of Raif Badawi the Saudi blogger sentenced to 10 years in jail in 1000 lashes has compared Saudi Arabia's action in publicly canning her husband to that of the Islamist militants who killed journalists at the Charlie Hebdo magzine. The public floggings started on Friday when Mr. Badawi was led into a square and given the first installment of 50 lashes.

NASA has asked the crew on the international space station to return to the American side of the complex. Earlier on Wednesday the US crew put on breathing equipment to move to the Russia module after an alarm board suggested that there could have been an ammonia leak, data received and analyzed during the day suggested there was no leak and the alarm was caused by a transient error message.

blogger  n. 写博客的人;博客使用者

ammonia n. [无化] 氨,阿摩尼亚

沙特博主拉伊夫 巴达维被判入狱10年和1000下鞭刑,其妻将沙特政府的行为比作伊斯兰激进份子制造的查理周刊惨案。公开鞭刑在周五开始进行,巴达维在一个广场接受首次50下鞭刑。


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