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A court in Turkey has ordered a block on websites carrying the cover of the first issue of Charlie Hebdo to come out of last week's Islamic attack on the French magazine. The cover shows the prophet Muhammad mourning the 12 victims, but the judge describes it as criminal and blasphemous. The staunch secular newspaper Cumhuriyet Daily has published a four-page to selection of material, the paper's editor Utku Cakirozer defended his decision. “We prepared the selection of these cartoons and decided to publish it on the same day the latest edition went on sale. We did this merely to show our support for freedom of expression. We did this to give the message that freedom of expression should be maintained and that shouldnt be precluded by terror.”

prophet n. 先知;预言者;提倡者

mourning n. 哀痛;服丧 v. 哀伤;为…哀悼(mourning形式)

blasphemous adj. 亵渎神明的;不敬神的

secular n. 修道院外的教士,(对宗教家而言的) 俗人 adj. 世俗的;长期的;现世的;不朽的

preclude vt. 排除;妨碍;阻止


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