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The former prime minister of Bangladesh Khaleda Zia says the police are continuing to prevent her from leaving her party office where she says shes been besieged since Saturday evening. Charles Haviland reports. “Khaleda Zia said she was unable to leave the party office in Dhaka as she wanted to, and alleged the 2000 of her party workers have been arrested over the past 24 hours. That's not been possible to verify, but there has certainly been tough action against her party the BNP over the past year after its election boycott. Dozens of Mrs. Zias supporters have disappeared and their whereabouts arent known. Meanwhile, an adviser to the prime minister has insisted Mrs. Zia is not locked up, but has been given, as he put it, enhanced security protection.”

besieged v. 被包围;被困扰(besiege的过去分词)

whereabouts n. 下落;行踪;去向;所在之处 adv. 在何处;靠近什么地方

boycott vt. 联合抵制;拒绝参加 n. 联合抵制

孟加拉国前总理卡莉达-齐亚称她从上周六晚就被困在党务办公室,警方一直不允许她离开。查尔斯-哈维兰为您报道。 “卡莉达-齐亚透露,她想要离开达卡的党务办公室,但是未能如愿,并声称在过去的24小时里有2000名党务工作者遭到逮捕。这个消息无从证实,但在过去的一年里,其政党孟加拉国民族主义党(BNP)在选举中遭到抵制后,确实被采取了强硬行动。齐亚夫人的几十名支持者销声匿迹,下落不明。另外,一名总理顾问坚称警方并未软禁齐亚夫人,但如他所说,只是加强了对她的安保措施。”

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