BBC新闻:希腊一客轮失火 救援正在进行

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An Italian prosecutor says nearly 100 people are still unaccounted for after a passenger ferry was engulfed by fire on Sunday on a voyage from Greece. Plans to tow the Norman Atlantic to an Italian port have been put on hold until the weather improves. Ben Lowings has more. “The prosecutor Giuseppe Volpe says it's not clear how many people are missing. He says officials in Italy and Greece have not properly counted the numbers of registered passengers stowed away and survived. Plans to tow the ship Norman Atlantic to an Italian port have been put on hold until weather improves. Eleven passengers were killed as the result of the fire, 2 Albanian sailors died trying to attach a towing cable. The ferry's captain has been questioned on charges of manslaughter and negligence.”

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel has strongly condemned Russia's actions in Ukraine in her new year's address. She said Russian move has questioned the foundation of Europe's faithful order, and warned that the EU would not tolerate such behavior.