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1. a worms eye view —— 只了解极少一部分

Many have heard the expression a birds eye view, but have you ever heard of a worms eye view? If you have a worms eye view of something, you only understand or know a little bit about it - and, unfortunately, it is usually the worst or least important part!

Example: What does he know about prepositions? He only has a worms eye view of English grammar!

2. a party pooper —— 扫兴的人

A party pooper is someone who (always) ruins the fun.

Example: Frieda said that she cant come to our ?80’s Rock Star? party. She has to stay home and wash her hair - what a party pooper!

3. everyone and his brother —— 一大群人

The English expression everyone and his brother refers to a very large number of people.

Example: Everyone and his brother was at the stamp collectorsconvention last weekend. I had never seen so many people in my life!

4. The world is your oyster. —— 随心所欲

If the world is your oyster, you have the ability to do anything you want or set you mind to do.

Example: The young people of today have so many advantages. The world is their oyster.

5. The worm has turned. —— (地位低下的人)反抗、转变

Here is another ?worm? idiom. The English idiom the worm has turned is used to say that someone who was always weak and did what he was told has now become strong and confident.

Example: It looks like Rinaldo isnt listening to you anymore. The worm has turned.

6. to knock your socks off —— 震惊

When someone or something knocks your socks off, he, she or it amazes or impresses you.

Example: Abrars version of the Canadian national anthem really knocked our socks off!

7. top banana —— 头头、大老板

Similar to head honcho, big cheese or big enchilada, the term top banana refers to the leader of a group or organization.
head honcho(大腕)、big cheese(大人物)和big enchilada(大亨)类似,这个词组的意思是一个团体或组织的领导。

Example: Our principal, Mr. Williams, is the top banana at our school.

8. the lights are on, but nobody's home —— 慢热,心不在焉

Used when describing a person struggles to fit into normal society, and subsequently rejected and described to people as a bit slow.

Example: Don't ask Dudley if he knows it, becausewell, you know, the lights are on but nobody is home.

9. when pigs fly —— 完全不可能

The phrase "when pigs fly" is a response equal to "it will never happen", or "I will never do it".

Example: The things you want to create is can only be complete when pigs fly.

10. to have Van Gogh's ear for music —— 音痴

If you have Van Gogh's ear for music, you are a tone deaf.

Example: He has Van Goghs ear for music and sings like a rusty hinge.

11. to pig out —— 像猪一样吃东西

This idiom means eating too much of something; to make a pig of oneself.

Example: Don't you girls pig out on too much candy!

12. everything but the kitchen sink —— 什么乱七八糟的都有

Almost everything, whether needed or not.

Example: She must have brought everything but the kitchen sink along on the trip, and how she lifted her suitcase, I do not know.

13. to put a sock in it —— 闭嘴、别再说了

Asking a noisy person or a group to be quiet or to shut up.

Example: Oh, dry up; put a sock in it.

14. to have a cast iron stomach —— 铁打的胃,吃多少喝多少都没问题

A person who has a cast iron stomach is someone who has no problems with eating anything or drinking anything.

Example: I cannot eat this type of food because i dont have a cast iron stomach.

15. use your loaf —— 动动脑子

If you tell someone to use their loaf, you are telling them in a slightly angry way that they should think more carefully about what they are doing.

Example: You havent even switched the thing on. Come on, Jamie, use your loaf!