BBC新闻:德语界著名艺人乌多・于尔根斯逝世 享年80岁

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One of the best-known entertainers of the German-speaking world Udo Juergens has died at the age of 80, just two weeks after his last concert. Udo's career spanning half a century. The Australian born Juergens sold more than 100 million records.

A court in Argentina has decided to recognize that an orangutan, who's spent the last twenty years in the Buenos Aires Zoo, was a creature who had feelings, and therefore should be allowed to live in greater freedom. In an unprecedented legal case, the court agreed that although the orangutan named Sandra was not human, the habeas corpus writ rate could be extended to her.

BBC News.

重点解析 Key Phrases/Words

1. best-known adj. 众所周知的,著名的

2. entertainer n. 表演者,演艺人员

3. orangutan n. 猩猩

4. unprecedented adj. 前所未有的,无前例的