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BBC News with Jerry Smit.

President Obama says his administration is going to review whether to restore North Korea to its list of state sponsors of terrorism after blaming Pyongyang for a cyber-attack on the U.S. firm, Sony Pictures Entertainment. In an interview with CNN, Mr. Obama said he would implement a suitable response to the hacking. “I don't think it was an act of war. I think it was an act of cyber vandalism that was very costly, very expensive. We take it very seriously. We'll respond proportionally, as I said. We are gonna be in this environment in this new world where so much is digitalized that both state and non-state actors are going to have the capacity to disrupt our lives in all sorts of ways.”


sponsor n. 赞助者;主办者;保证人

cyber-attack 网络攻击

implement vt. 实施,执行;实现,使生效

cyber vandalism 破坏他人网站



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