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BBC News with Julie Candler.

Demonstrators from southern Mexico have been arriving in convoy in the capital Mexico City to join a massive protest against the abduction of 43 students. Police prepared crowd trying to block a road junction near the citys international airport. The demonstrations have been led by the studentsfamilies. They want answers from the government on the fate of the training teachers who were abducted by police linked to drugs gangs

From Mexico City, Wyre Davies. “Here in the heart of Mexico City, a steady procession of people from the hells of southern Mexico is arriving in the capital to protest, demanding more information about the 43 students who went missing from the southern state of Guerrero at the end of September. In a country which is used to appalling levels of political violence and corruption, this single incident has galvanized public anger and opposition to a government which people say simply doesnt care.” 

The first doctor in Egypt to be tried on charges of committing female genital mutilation has been acquitted. The case followed the death of a 13-year old girl. Campaigners expressed disappointment that is seeing the trial as a significant step forward in the battle to end FGM which is wide spread despite being banned in 2008. Its thought about 90% of women in Egypt under the age of 50 have undergone FGM.

The Kenyan government has ordered an investigation after more than 12000 false names were found out of its pay roll. The fictitious names were discovered following the introduction of a biometric registration system for government employees in September. More details from Richard Hamilton. “An audit earlier this year revealed that at least 1 million dollars a month was being lost in payments to so called ghost workers as well as other financial irregularities. The cabinet secretary said these 12000 so names had now been struck off the pay roll. After taking office, president Huru Kenyata vowed to fight corruption in the public service. Kenya is currently ranked 136th out of 177 nations by Transparency International on its perception of corruption index.” 

Britain is withdrawing its legal challenge to European Union, cap on bankersbonuses. The rules limit the payment to no more than 200% of basic salary. Here is our economic correspondent Andrew Walker. “The EUs rules are motivated by the view that the prospect of the very large bonuses encouraged bankers to take excessive risks. So as a maximum of 200% of basic salary provided shareholders agree. The British government argued that the rule would be counter-productive and simply lead to higher basic salaries. The UK challenged the legal basis but a senior European legal official has advised EU court to reject the case. The British Finance Minister George Osborne said he wouldnt spend tax payersmoney on a challenge that was unlikely to succeed.”

World News from the BBC.

Nigerias parliamentary has been closed until next week after the police fired tear gas inside the building. Correspondent said the police were trying to stop the speaker of the Lower House, Aminu Temberwany from entering the chamber, following his defection to the opposition last month. They added that it was an attempt to impeach him. Lawmakers were due to discuss whether to extend emergency measures against Islamist militants in the northeast.

The United States and France say they are still in important differences with Iran in the talks about its nuclear program. The talks are due to conclude on Monday. The aim is to curb Irans nuclear activities, in return, for a phasing out of international sanctions

The Associated Press News Agency has released footage of an interview conducted with the American comedian Bill Cosby in which he was asked about allegations of sexual assault many years ago. Several women have come forward to claim they were assaulted by Mr. Cosby who is now 77 years old. His lawyers have denied the allegations

Reporting from Washington, our correspondent David Willis. “Bill Gosby was on the verge of a remarkable comeback when allegations resurfaced that he had drugged and sexually assaulted several women as far back as 1969. Now it has emerged that in an interview conducted 2 weeks ago as Bill Cosby was promoting an exhibition of African art here in Washington DC. A reporter from the Associated Press asked him about the sex allegations. The comedian declines to comment and then seeks an assurance that section of the interview would be edited out.” 

Transport in the northeastern United States remained severely  disrupted by near records snow falls. The Bay motorway in upper state New York is closed for a second day and many flights have been canceled or delayed. Parts of the city of Bafflore remained under a thick blanket of snow which has closed schools and hit power and water supplies. More snow is falling. BBC News.

Julie Candler为您播报BBC新闻


Wyre Davies,来自墨西哥城的报道。这里是墨西哥城中心,来自地狱般的墨西哥南部的人们陆续抵达墨西哥城举行抗议活动,要求获得更多关于43名失踪学生的信息。这些学生9月底在格雷罗州南部失踪。在这个政治暴力和腐败骇人听闻的国家,这次事件激起了公愤和对政府的反抗态度。公众认为政府一点都不关心民众。








下面是我们的记者David Willis从华盛顿发来的报道。“正当比尔•考斯比即将成功复出之际,一项关于他早在1969年下药并性侵数位女性的指控又重新进入公众视线。在两周前录制的一段采访中,比尔•考斯比正在华盛顿特区宣传一个非洲艺术展。一位美联社的记者向他问及了这项性侵指控,这位喜剧演员拒绝对此做出回应,并在此后希望(相关人员)确保访谈的这一部分被剪除。”