Big Bang之penny的歉意与邀请(2)

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Penny (hugging them both): Really, thank you so much for going and trying youre, uh, youre so terrific. Why dont you put some clothes on, Ill get my purse and dinner is on me, okay?

Leonard: Really? Great.

Sheldon: Thank you. (Penny leaves.) Youre not done with her, are you?

Leonard: Our babies will be smart and beautiful.

Sheldon: Not to mention imaginary.

on me
【释】paid for by something(牛津高阶)
【例】Drinks are on me (= I am paying).(牛津高阶)
【例】In return for your kindness,lunch is on me.(原创)

not to mention
【释】used when referring to another thing that relates to what you have just said.(韦氏学习)
【例】Our favorite Italian restaurant makes its own fresh bread and salad dressing, not to mention [=in addition to] a great spaghetti sauce.(韦氏学习)
【例】He has two big houses in this country, not to mention his villa in France.(牛津高阶)