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BBC news with Jerry Smit.

The confederation of African football is reviewing possible host for next year's Africa Cup of Nations finals after confirming that the tournament will not be staged in Morocco. Alex Capstick reports

Senior officials at the confederation of African football meeting in Cairo have now focused their attention on finding a late replacement to stage the Cup of Nations. They seem determined to press ahead with the existing dates and have said other countries have indicated the desire to organize it despite the short notice. Several nations including South Africa and Ghana have already declined an offer to host the tournament. Morocco has been thrown out of Africa's biggest sports event after it requested postponement due to fears over the Ebola epidemic.” 

The national Ebola response centre in Sierra Leone says it would pay 5000 dollars in compensation to the families of every health worker who has died as a result of treating an Ebola patient. The centre said one-off benefit would apply retroactively to relatives of more than 100 health workers who have died from the disease in Sierra Leone. The announcement came as another doctor tested positive for the virus

Umaru Fofana reports. “There have been mixed emotions for health workers in Sierra Leone today. One of their colleagues doctor Martin Salia, who have been admitted to hospital in Freetown, become the sixth doctor to contract the disease with all five having died of it. His blood sample has returned a false negative result for Ebola on Friday, but the signs of the symptom persisted. Hence a further test, which returned a positive result this morning.” 

Three young activists have been beheaded in the Liberian city that's been under the control of Islamist militias since 2012. The activists have provided information about the situation inside Derna on social networks. Here's our Liberian correspondent Rana Jawad

Residents found the three decapitated bodies on Monday in the city's Northeast district of Hisha. A resident of Derna and former colleague of one of the victims told the BBC the young activists were kidnapped earlier this month. Derna has been out of the state's control since 2012 and run by competing hardline Islamist militias. One of the groups there declared allegiance to the radical militants Islamic State and its caliph last month.” 

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has accused the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas of stoking a new wave of violence. Mr. Netanyahu says Mr. Abbas was teaching his people terror rather than peace and said Israel would try to end the unrests by imposing civic punishment and deploying more forces. Palestinian anger has been fueled by disputes over rights to pray at the al-Aqsa compound in Jerusalem and Mr. Abbas had earlier said Israel was provoking a religious war. Three people have died in the unrest in the past two days

World news from the BBC.

The authorities in the central Indian state of Chhattisgarh have ordered an investigation into the death of at least 11 women after bought sterilization surgery. The women started complaining a pain and fever soon after been operated on at a clinic at a state-run health camp. Four health officials have been suspended.

On Armistice Day, President Francois Hollande has inaugurated a new memorial to commemorate nearly 600,000 soldiers who were killed in the first World War in Northern France. The memorial and the eclipse of gold steel plates called the Ring of Remembrance is in a military cemetery near the town of Arras. Mr. Hollande says its aim was to commemorate all victims

What we wanted to do was to open a book of rock and steel in which our written all the names of the soldiers who died here, whatever their origin, whatever their nationality, whatever their religion.” 

Armistice Day ceremonies have been held around the world. In Canada, tens of thousands of people attended an event of national war memorial in Ottawa, where one of the monuments guards was shot dead by an Islamic convert last month

A Court in Egypt has sentenced 3 German researchers and 6 Egyptian employees to five years in prison for the theft and smuggling of antiquities. The nine were found guilty of chipping off fragments of a stone from inside the great Pyramid of Giza. The German researchers who were tried in absentia were hoping to prove that the Pyramid dated back to a pre-Egyptian civilization

The world's most expensive watch has sold at an auction in Geneva for 21.3 million dollars. Made from 24 karate gold and weighing half a kilogram, the grave super complication was made for American financier Henry Graves Junior in the 1930s. It took 8 years for the Swiss watchmaker Patek Philippe to complete

BBC news.