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1)Thank You: Common courtesy? Sure. But tell me this: When was the last time you forgot (or rejected) gratitude? Whether given in private or public, a sincerethankscreates goodwill. Dont forget your mothers advice: “Say please.” People are always happier doing a favor than taking an order.


2) I Trust Your Judgment: Translation: “You have my permission. I believe in you. Now, go make it happen.” Feels pretty uplifting to hear that, doesnt it? And Ill bet youd do almost anything to please someone who makes you feel that way. Your employees and peers are no different.


3) Tell Me More:Im all ears.” Its the ultimate conversation starter! When you signal that youre open and intrigued, the other party will respond in kind. And who can resist flattery? If your interest is genuine, you may just fuel a productive exchange.


4) Im On It: Youre giving your full attention. Youre saying, “Relax. Dont worry about a thing. Ill see to it personally.” That response can disarm just about anyone. To express a deeper commitment, useYou have my word.” This makes you more accountable to someone, conveying that youre on board and will make it happenwhatever it takes.


5) Ive Got Your Back: Weve all made big mistakes. In those times, step in with a reassurance: “Im not judging you. Youre going to get through this. Youre not alone. Well figure this out together. Its going to be OK.”


6) My Pleasure: This subtle reminder reinforces a key point. Youre here to help others. You have all the time they need. And youre happy to do it.

7) Let Me Play Devils Advocate: Looking for a subtle way to critique? Turn the conversation into an exercise where youre a detached party performing a function: Poking holes in the logic and plan of attack. You use this strategy to stress test ideas without making the process personal.


8) Let Me Think About That: Yeah, it sounds like a cop out. And it issometimes. Fact is, we dont always have the authority or expertise to make decisions. This phrase buys you time and breathing space. Then, set a date and time for follow up so the other person knows youre taking him serious.


9) Well Done: Its a cliché, no doubt. Sometimes, it isnt enough just to say thanks. People want to know what they did was great and why. They pour so much sweat and soul into their projects.They need to know their work was special and had meaning to someone.


10) Youre Right: Want to get someones attention? Tell him that hes right. Once you yield the high ground, its much easier for the other party to swallow that the right plan and sentiment cant always overcome the absurdities and restraints we face every day.