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Parliament in Rwanda has voted in favour of banning the BBC in the country following a television documentary about the genocide of 1994. The BBC programme Rwanda's Untold Story which was broadcast earlier this month questioned some of the official accounts of what happened during the genocide

A US Federal jury has found four formal security guards from the company Blackwater guilty of shooting dead 14 unarmed Iraqis and wounding more than a dozen others in Baghdad in 2007. One formal guard was found guilty of first degree murder and three others of voluntary manslaughter as Juana Jolly reports from Washington.


一个美国联邦陪审团发现4个来自于黑水公司的正式警卫对在2007年巴格达射杀14名无武装伊拉克平民并造成数十多名平民受伤的事件负有责任。一个正式警卫被认定有一级谋杀罪,其他三名犯有故意杀人罪。Juana Jolly在华盛顿为您报导。