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Neil: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak, I'm Neil. Li: And I'm Li. Did you stay much longer last night at the office party?

大家好!欢迎收听地道英语。我是Neil。 我是Li。 昨晚办公室聚会你们是不是玩儿了很久?

Neil: Yes I did. After you left we went on to a bar in the City.

是的。 你走可之后,我们又去了城里面的一个酒吧。

Li: Oh sounds good!


We had an office party last night. I left early but Neil and a few colleagues went on to a bar in the city of Londonthe financial district. How was it?

我们昨晚举行了办公室聚会。 我走得早但是Neil和一些同事去了伦敦城的一个商业街区继续玩儿。 玩得开心吗?

Neil: Actually it was pretty bad. There were all these traders getting drunk and shouting a lot about their cars and expensive clothes and holidays. You know, they were just really lairy.

事实上很糟糕啦。 里面满是醉醺醺的生意人,大声炫耀着他们的私家车和昂贵的衣服以及假期。 你知道的,他们好lairy

Li: They were what?


Neil: Lairy.


Li: Lairy. This adjective is used to describe people, usually men, behaving in a loud, excited and slightly aggressive way.

Lairy。 这个形容词通常被用来描述那些吵闹的,精神亢奋并且具有侵略性的男人。

So it wasn't much fun?


Neil: No, they made it miserable for everyone else in the place, to be honest.


Li: So the bar was full of drunk and noisy men. They were talking loudly about their expensive things. They sound very lairy.

也就是整个酒吧都是吵个不停的醉汉。 他们在大声卖弄自己的奢侈物。 听起来非常俗气和刺耳。

Here's another example of the word.


A: Shall we go shopping in Kensington on Saturday afternoon?

周六下午去Kensington 买东西吗?

B: I'd love to but I hate getting the Tube to Kensington on a Saturday. It's always full of lairy Chelsea fans on their way to the football.

倒是想去啦但是我讨厌在周六下午搭去Kensington 的地铁。 上面总是会有很多吵死人的Chelsea迷去看足球。

A: Yes, you're right. It's really scary when they're so drunk and shouting and singing. How about somewhere else?

没错啦! 当他们喝高了又是吵又是唱的,真的很可怕! 换个地方怎么样呢?

Neil: Those women don't want to get the Tube near the Chelsea football ground on a Saturday because the fans travelling to the stadium are often drunk and shouting and singing. They're lairy.

这几位女士不愿意在周六乘坐靠近 Chelsea 的地铁时因为上面老是有要去体育场看球赛的醉醺醺地又吵又唱的球迷。 他们很吵得人很烦。

Li: Yes, I've been in that situation too. It's not much fun. So, this wordlairy': is it common?

我曾经也有过这样的经历。 可不好玩! 哦,lairy这个词常见吗?

Neil: I'd say it's quite common, but slang. And you wouldn't often write it. But you'll hear British and Australian people using it; especially in the situations we've talked about.

我得说很常见但是很是个俚语。 通常很少在书面上见到。 但是你会听到英国或是澳大利亚人用这个词。特别是用于我们以上所提的这种情景。

Li: Anything else I need to know? Neil: Yes, you should use the word in combination withblokes'. This is British slang meaningmen'.

还有什么我应该知道的吗? 是的,通常情况下应该把这个单词跟bloke(伙计;小伙子)连用。 bloke是英式俚语,指的是‘男人’

Li: Lairy blokes.

Lairy blokes(又吵又爱炫的家伙)。

Neil: That's right. That's all from us. Li: Bye! Neil: Bye! (Angry football crowd.

没错啦! 这就是本期节目的全部内容。 再会! 再见! 群情激奋的球迷。