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Police in Ottawa have warned people to stay away from windows and rooftops. Heavily armed police and soldiers, somewhere in balaclavas, are going door to door in downtown Ottawa
The Red Cross which is trying to tackle Ebola in Sierra Leone says the scale of the outbreak is so bad that it's now having to retrieve a very high number of corpses a day. Steve M. is the organization's director of the Emergency Ebola Operations in Sierra Leone.


正在塞拉利昂应对埃博拉疫情的红十字会人员表示,疫情的规模如此之大,以至于现在每天收到的尸体数量极多。斯蒂文·M是塞拉利昂紧急应对埃博拉小组的主任。 【本译文由普特网友提供,whizzy稍有改动】