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Pope Francis has urged clerics to speak their minds frankly at a two-week conference of the Vatican on controversial subjects, such as contraception, divorce and same-sex marriage. Our Vatican correspondent David Willy reports

Pope Francis launched a discussion of what for many clerics are still taboo subjects by calling for a frank and open debate. He told more than 200 church leaders and experts not to mince their words, not to be afraid of offending him and to listen with humility. Vatican meetings are not normally like this. The language used to restrain them full of church jargon, but Francis wants his church to show more compassion to divorced or separated couples without modifying basic church teaching on the indissolubility of marriage.”  David Willy reporting.

Francis教皇敦促牧师在为期两周的梵蒂冈会议上就避孕,离婚,同性婚姻等具有争议的话题,坦诚地表述自己的想法。本台驻梵蒂冈记者David Willy报道。
Francis教皇发起了一场讨论,旨在让牧师通过坦诚布公的交流辩论来讨论一些禁忌话题。他告诉200多名教会领导和专家,不要有任何隐瞒,不用担心冒犯教皇,只要谦虚聆听。这次的梵蒂冈会议与以往很不一样。过去教会教条禁锢着人们,但Francis教皇希望他们对向那些离异分居的夫妇多一些同情心,不要用基本的教会说教劝导那些破裂的婚姻。David Willy报道。